Happy Family Night Market was a project I founded in 2018 whose mission was to celebrate the Asian diaspora and deepen cross-cultural exchange through food, art, and education. We began in NYC as a one-night-only experimental “night market” and quickly expanded into a grassroots community organization which produced year-round film, art, music, and food programming, hands-on craft and culinary workshops, a cookbook, and a radio show. The first two editions of our annual festival drew 3500+ attendees, and over the lifetime of the project we supported 600+ artists, educators, chefs, and social entrepreneurs. As its Founder & Director, I developed crucial business and leadership skills, in addition to sharpening my skills as a producer and curator. HFNM was a challenging and meaningful opportunity for me to build community with a diverse group of individuals who wished to learn and share each other’s cultures, histories, ideas, and perspectives.
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