Artist Angeline Gragasin on the Art of Resiliency
New York Foundation for the Arts, 2021
Community Engaged Design: Angeline Gragasin
Parsons School of Design, 2020
Episode 72: Rice, but with Molly
Asian, Not Asian, 2019
A Conversation With Angeline Gragasin
The Bureau of Creative Works, 2019
The Impossible Case of Sonny Nguyen
Just Food? Forum on Land Use, Rights, and Ecology, 2016
Angeline Gragasin by Annie Frame
Imperial Matters, 2016
Episode 40: Alien
The Great Debasers, 2013
Reel Talk With Angeline Gragasin
KorduroyTV, 2013
Angeline Gragasin
Montagne Magazine, 2012
Whatever You Do, Don't Feed The Animals
PortableTV, 2012

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