What began as a music video for Nick Hakim's song "Cold" evolved into an experimental short film about running as grieving. I was inspired to tell a simple story within a single shot. I wanted an unbroken, continuous visual experience to accompany what felt like an infinite lullaby. We shot multiple takes with Nick in varying weather conditions ranging from sunshine to blizzard. As a result, there are multiple different cuts of this film.
Runtime: 5:00 (2-channel installation)
Languages: English (no dialogue)
HD Video, Color, Stereo

Directed & Edited by Angeline Gragasin

Produced by Rachel Wolther
Featuring Nick Hakim
Cinematography by
Meredith Zielke
Dominic Sivilli
Rachel Batashvili

Music Source
"Cold" by Nick Hakim
Filmed in Queens, NY, USA in 2015
This film has never been publicly screened

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