Where is my place and who are my people? In 2012, I began documenting a New York City architect, a Mexico City chef, and a hide tanner living off-grid in the California desert. Though they lead seemingly disparate lives, their interwoven voices offer insight into the collective imagination of a new generation of North American women dedicated to community building and creative placemaking. This project began as a web series but has since evolved into a longitudinal documentary film, currently in production.
Runtime: TBD
Languages: English, Spanish
HD Video, Color, Stereo

Directed & Edited by Angeline Gragasin
Produced by Rachel Wolther

Executive Produced by
Daniel Postilnik
Eva Franch i Gilabert
Niki Nakazawa
Natalie Barlett
Angeline Gragasin

Cinematography by
Meredith Zielke
Giga Shane
Filmed in
Mexico City, Mexico (2012-13)
Cuyama Valley, CA, USA (2012-13)
New York City, NY, USA (2012-13)
Screenings (work-in-progress)
Emerging Formats 2010 - 2015, MISS: Salon, MISS Magazine, New York
The Medium & The Message, Her Girl Friday, New York
The Prelinger Library, San Francisco


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