An exploration of bodies in motion: bodies of women and bodies of water. In 2014, I began studying Afro-Haitian dance at Cumbe Center for African and Diaspora Dance, where I met dancer Rachel Wyman. I was also working a job in rural upstate New York, where I discovered a secluded, awe-inspiring reservoir in the woods. These dual encounters inspired me to create an improvised dance film with Rachel, the reservoir, and a reel of expired 16mm film.
Runtime: 5:00
Languages: English (no dialogue)
16mm & HD Video, Color, Stereo

Filmed & Edited by Angeline Gragasin

Produced by Rachel Wolther
Featuring Rachel Wyman

Music Source
"Never Gonna Work" by Jeremiah Meece
Filmed in Leeds, NY, USA in 2014
This film has never been publicly screened

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